The Life Talk Show

The Life Talk Show

Conversations to Enrich and Empower Your Life

Episode 43: Happier Made Simple: Choose Your Words, Change Your Life

Today we’re excited to share a much-needed book in these times, on how we can enjoy a happier life – diving into our own Randye Kaye’s new book “Happier Made Simple – Choose Your Words, Change Your Life.” Nicky and Diana turn the tables and interview Randye about her secret “recipe” for being Happier, so … Read more

Build Your Business on a Social Media Shoestring!

Dreamed of running a successful business from home? Dori DeCarlo, Proud Mompreneur making a difference with our clear Safety Bags, and The Word of Mom Media Network, shares her marketing secrets!

Better Sleep, Better Life – Breathe right!

Breathing. Seems simple, right? Yet you may be doing it all wrong…and suffering the consequences. Guests Tara Clancy and Jennifer Rodrigues, specialists on mindfulness and breathing, will teach secrets to better sleep, greater health, and more mindful life.

Life Is What You Make It : Lemons to Limoncello!

Life throws a lot at us. Do you wallow in despair or turn it around and thrive? Here are some some tips to get past the crisis, out of the funk, and make limoncello from those lemons! A “just us” show with Randye, Nicky and Diana.

Life Talk Show #37 -Blue Zones and Longevity

Who lives the longest, and how do they do it? Our guest is Dr. Michele Suhie- is the medical laboratory scientist and coordinator of the Geriatric Health and Wellness Program at Sacred Heart University. Dr. Suhie teaches courses at SHU in aging, health and disease. “The Blue Zones” teaches us about 9 Lessons for Living … Read more

Life Talk Show #35_Self-Talk to Self-Love

How do you talk to yourself? Do your words lead to self-love, or self-doubt (or worse)? Join Nicky, Diana and newest member Jim Masters in this “Just Us” Episode of the Life Talk Show, and learn to keep it Positive!

Episode 34: Empowering Women and Girls

March is Women’s Month. We speak with two women who work to empower others – through the Mercy Learning Center in Bridgeport and My Sister’s Place in Hartford. Amazing stories of support, empowerment, and triumph – that continues to pay it forward to empower families and communities.

Episode 33: Recalculating Your Life

When you go down a different road than you planned, either by choice or due to circumstance, what do you have to do? Like the voice on your GPS says: “Recalculating…” How do we do it? Randye, Nicky and Diana share stories and tips.