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The Life Talk Show

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Episode 43: Happier Made Simple: Choose Your Words, Change Your Life

Today we’re excited to share a much-needed book in these times, on how we can enjoy a happier life – diving into our own Randye Kaye’s new book “Happier Made Simple – Choose Your Words, Change Your Life.”

Nicky and Diana turn the tables and interview Randye about her secret “recipe” for being Happier, so you have more room in your heart to reach your goals and serve your purpose – and how to get there simply, without complicated theories and classes.
We ask:

  • Did anything positive come out of the pandemic experience (we each answer this).
  • Why this book? Why did you write it?
  • What happened in your life to help you formulate this “recipe”?
  • How was the process of writing this book, and what was challenging about it?
  • Tell us about the Seven Core Phrases and Concepts, all spelling out “BREATHE” – and how we can use these everyday.
  • How did you come up with the title? Why Happier, not Happiness?
  • What does Toxic Positivity mean? – We all know people who almost demand positivity, and how that can backfire.